Green Practices for Hotels


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Green Practices

An executive experienced in destination marketing and event planning, Daniel (Dan) Fenton is the former chief executive officer of Team San Jose in California. Dan Fenton holds a bachelor’s degree in hotel/motel administration and management from Cornell University and maintains an interest in environmental practices for hotels.

With tourism growing around the world, implementing sustainable practices is becoming more important for hotels in order to contain costs and reduce their impact on the environment. Here are a few green practices for hotels to consider:

Create an environmental committee. By forming an environmental committee, hotels will have a team responsible for creating plans for managing water, energy, and waste.

Limit newspaper distribution. Rather than delivering newspapers to each room, hotels can eliminate paper waste and cut costs by delivering papers only to guests who request them.

Reduce water usage. To cut costs on water, hotels can purchase water-saving devices, such as low-flush toilets, self-closing taps, and water flow sensors and regulators. Hotels can also avoid high-pressure hoses for cleaning and wash towels and linens only when guests request this service.