Sustainable Tourism: No Longer an Oxymoron?

Destination Marketing Association International pic
Destination Marketing Association International

An experienced executive in the tourism and hospitality industry, Daniel “Dan” Fenton serves as the executive vice president for the JLL Hotel & Hospitality Group in San Jose. Dan Fenton participates in a wide range of professional and civic organizations in the San Jose area, including DMAI (Destination Marketing Association International) and Artsopolis. Mr. Fenton’s interests include the recent trend of green thinking in the hotel and tourism field.

Modern hotels have many pressing reasons for making a quick transition into creative, sustainable hospitality and tourism. Tourists have received criticism in the past for the ways they have strained local resources and failed to consider the ecological consequences of their trips, but today’s tourists are increasingly eco-conscious.

Perceptive hotel management teams have learned that people now expect evidence of legitimate, tangible commitments to sustainability from corporate entities. People are no longer satisfied by standard, token appeals to eco-friendly methods; industry leaders must now find ways to present their commitments to the preservation of the environment in creative fashions. These new pressures present a unique challenge to the industry, but they also provide new opportunities for innovators to rise above their competition.


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