Mixed Use Developments and Urbanization

Jones Lang LaSalle  pic
Jones Lang LaSalle
Image: us.jll.com/

Longtime hospitality and tourism expert Daniel (Dan) Fenton previously headed Team San Jose and the San Jose Convention Center. Currently, Dan Fenton serves as an executive vice president with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), helping investors, property owners, and contractors worldwide in the hotel and hospitality arena make the most of their holdings. He also brings a wealth of expertise when it comes to mixed use developments in an urban setting.

Defined as relatively small properties that combine commercial, residential, industrial, and/or cultural usage, mixed-use developments offer a number of benefits for communities. Mixed-use development allows for much greater flexibility than with traditional development, ensuring that property usage in a community is put to the best use at all times. Mixed-use development also enables communities to achieve considerable development in a compact area. This is ideal for communities with limitations on outward expansion or communities attempting to preserve outlying rural areas. Because mixed-use developments incorporate many diverse elements in a small space, communities experience less traffic and pollution by a decrease in the need for cars. By decreasing the distance people must cover between home, work, and recreation, mixed-use communities encourage a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle. Mixed-use communities also create a sense of community and belonging, which can have wide-reaching social and cultural benefits.


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